I recommend proven erotic massage from Erotic massage Prague. Trained and skilled masseuse can ofter cure sexual problems more effectively than expensive medicaments.

Mudr. Radim Uzel

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    “In addition to men is erotic massage often enjoyed by women or purchased for their partners. And it’s certainly not unusual. Almost every man likes to indulge that kind of rest. Women should therefore understand and tolerate this,” says sexologist.

    MUDr. Radim Uzel

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    “Erotic massage is not just about relaxation and relaxation, it is also the perfect cheer for sex life. I recommend it to both men and women, but also to couples who want to experiment, don’t want to be unfaithful or don’t have the courage to go into the wilder events,” recommends the most famous Czech pornstar.

    Robert Rosenberg

More than just a sophisticated erotic game

Erotic massage is not only sophisticated erotic game. It’s much more!

  •      Erotic massage is not just a cheer to your intimate life, and certainly not just a modern entertainment. Its roots date back to ancient India.
  •      Erotic massage combines elements of Tantric-Taoist techniques. It is very similar to the classic tantric massage.
  •      London is a very popular erotic massage sensual experience for body and soul. Tried it every fifth man.
  •      According to sexologists increases erotic massage sexual imagination.
  •      Most go to erotic massage men. And even those who are happy partnership.
  •      In addition to perfect physical and mental relaxation, erotic massage works on the overall harmonization of the body, relax stiff muscles and joints, positive tuning of the central nervous system and, ultimately, the elimination of stress and tension.


Benefits of erotic massage

Whether you indulge us in any of the offered services, you can be sure that your overall health and sexual life will improve.

  • Psychologists agree that human contact is an important element of communication. It is no wonder that erotic massage is so effective.
  • Notwithstanding the fact that erotic massage is a deeply intimate and highly erotic experience, there is no direct sexual contact between the masseuse and the client. Therefore there is no risk of sexually transmitted diseases or other unpleasant side effects commonly associated with the uncertainty in the escort.
  • Erotic massage offers a wide range of services for those who want to get a little pampered, to explore their sexuality, they have concerns about their sexual performance or just want to experience and stimulate your sex life with a new approach.

Erotic massages Prague

Erotic massages

erotic massage ViktoriaCome and explore a new area of pleasure. We offer you unbeatable, subtly erotic massages in the company of a beautiful girl of your choice. We carry out our massages in a private erotic studio in Prague. Confidentiality is guaranteed. The Erotic Masssage begins with an aromatic bath acompanied by relaxing music, all in the presence of the girl you have selected. After the bath, your topless masseuse will start the erotic massage. This is a whole body massage and it is up to you which parts of your body you want to have massaged. Just before the end of the massage your girl will bring you to climax in extasy. Our brilliant masseuses and Erotic Massages Prague are looking forward to your visit.

Gift vouchers

We offer you a fantastic idea for a present for your friends – our gift vouchers for an erotic massage. We take telephone orders on tel.no 603 991 092, or come in person.

History of erotic massages

Are you interested in the origins and development of erotic massages throughout history? The word „massage“ itself comes from the French word message which originates in the Greek word massein. An even more ancient origin is probably in the Arabic language (mas). All these words mean to knead, to rub.

In the begining, massages were not obviously erotic, they were a part of a healing therapy for the ill. People noticed that if a sore part of the body is rubbed, the pain is relieved. It was also discovered that massages help to ease fatigue.

erotic massages VictoraProbably the first written references to massage are found in ancient Egypt, in the Ebers Papyrus (around 5.000 BC). Massages are also mentioned as a part of common body care in the ancient Chinese Inner Canon of Huangdi (3,700 BC ) Even Confucius describes massages in his famous books (551 – 467 BC). Here they are already described as a healing method.

Erotic massages – origins

Erotic massages originate probably in India. They go hand in hand with the famous Kama Sutra. It was India where they first used herbs and special aromatic oils.

Massages spread out throughout the world. They are mentioned practically in all ancient cultures. In Europe it was especially Ancient Greece and Rome. According to written documents massages were introduced here even before Hippocrates, the famous physician who then explored the effects of massage on blood circulation, insomnia, the healing of wounds etc. It was Greece which started to promote massages for sportsmen as a part or healthy lifestyle. Romans took over and developed the art of massage further.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sensuality is connected with use and knowledge of sexually enhancing plants, known now as aphrodisiacs. Romans had their Venus and eroticism was considered a lifestyle (spas, aromatherapy, massages, healing baths,etc.) Erotic massages were common and a normal part of everyday life.

Erotic massages in Middle Ages

erotic massage prahaThe Middle Ages was a time of a decline for massages in Europe. It was not only massages but also natural healing, herbalism, a healthy lifestyle in general. This all led to frequent epidemies of plague, smallpox and other diseases, people did not care much about personal hygiene. There was only one exception –the Arabs who carried on using and promoting massages and it is thanks to them that the art of massagen was not forgotten.

Erotic massages in Modern Times

In this period, during the 16th century, Europe experienced a renaissance of healing and massages. Famous physicians in this time were Andry and Tissot. Andry is the creator of the word „orthopaedics“ (orghos = correct,straight, pais= child). Tissot recommended massages and therapeutic gymnastics.

A remarkable development of massages happened in the last century thanks to a Swedish physician Per Ling, who is the founder of the modern massage technique. During his travels in the Orient he discovered the beauty of massage and after he had returned to Sweden he founded a massage school. In 1813 he established the central institute for gymnastics.

His followers were Johan Georg Mezger (Dutch) and Albert Hoffa (German). In our country the first textbook on massages was written by Vítězslav Chlumský (1906). He was Hoffa´s pupil and he is also known as the founder of orthopaedic clinic in Bratislava(1921).

After the Second World War,special courses on sport massage appeared and massage was included in the compulsory training in the Faculty of physical education and sport in Prague.

Erotic massages today

Victoria erotic massageToday´s massages have a thorough and scientific background. It is used as means of physical and mental relaxation where stiff muscles and joints are soothed, blood ciculation and metabolism improves. Massages have a positive effect on the central nervous system and even individual internal organs which are stimulated through reflex arches and energy paths ( meridians). Massages are meant to be without force and pain, otherwise they could cause reflex muscle tension which would have the opposite effect we wanted. Erotic massage also contain the aspect of excitement which is great for the psyche.

Erotic massages Praha

If you are interested in the history of Erotic Massages Prague you should know that our masseuses are not several centuries old but are the young and beutiful girls of today! :-)